Day: June 18, 2023

Introducing Water Soluble HempIntroducing Water Soluble Hemp

water soluble hemp

CBD is a powerful cannabinoid that works to water soluble hemp balance in the body. It interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help relieve symptoms such as pain, inflammation and anxiety. It’s typically extracted as an oil, which provides certain benefits such as a pleasant taste and the ability to be added to many different foods or drinks. However, oils can present challenges such as dosage control, absorption and the fact that they can contain trace amounts of THC.

Water Soluble CBD Tincture: A Game-Changer in CBD Absorption and Effectiveness

Using nanoemulsion technology, we create water-soluble hemp, which makes the cannabinoids more absorbable in the body. Up to 60% of the adult human body is made of water, and consuming oil-based CBD products forces these cannabinoids to go through the liver and digestive tract where they get metabolized and excreted before they have a chance to be absorbed. Water soluble hemp circumvents this process and bypasses the liver altogether, making it much more efficient for the body to use.

The nanotechnology process also shrinks the size of the hemp oil globs that are infused in the water-soluble CBD. This allows more of the hemp oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream and results in a much more potent effect than traditional CBD.

Our water-soluble CBD drops are a great way to add cannabinoids to your favorite drinks or recipes. They are also a convenient, portable and safe option to use on-the-go. The water-soluble CBD is tasteless and odorless and mixes with any beverage or food without altering its flavor. Just drop under the tongue or mix into a drink and you’ll start feeling the effects almost immediately!