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Stairlift Installers

stairlift installers

Stairlift installers allow you to stay in your home safely without having to move to a different floor or downsize. They also ease the pain caused by arthritis or other joint and muscle conditions that make going up and down the stairs difficult. If you’re looking for stair lift installers, find a local company that has an excellent reputation for service and quality products. Look for customer reviews and testimonies, and ask about warranties. Also, check to see if Medicare covers stair lift installation costs.

During a stair lift installation, the track is attached to the staircase with brackets. It’s a quick process that shouldn’t cause much disruption. Before technicians arrive, you may want to remove any obstacles on the stairway like plant pots or photos. You should also clear away any items you don’t want the installers to move.

Navigating Tight Spaces: Stairlifts for Narrow Stairs Explained

In addition to the installation of the stair lift, you’ll need annual maintenance and battery evaluations to ensure that the equipment remains in good condition. Many companies offer yearly maintenance inspections for a fee. They can also provide a replacement battery for an additional charge.

In order for your stair lift to work, it needs to be connected to an electrical outlet near the bottom and top of the stairs. If your house doesn’t have a nearby outlet, an electrician will need to install one for a fee of $600 to $2,200. Many stairlift dealers have their own in-house service department.

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