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About Alex

Get to know Alex Weaver

Alex Weaver is an inspirational young professional who is currently working as part of the Gillette Young Guns program. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Alex has always been a hard worker. From a young age, he was determined to succeed and make his mark in the world.

Alex attended high school in Houston and later obtained his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University. During his college years, Alex worked several jobs and internships with various organizations, allowing him to gain experience in multiple industries before committing to any one path. After graduating from college, he decided that he wanted to work for a company that would provide him with meaningful opportunities to grow and develop professionally.

It was then that Alex found out about the Gillette Young Guns program and applied for it immediately. The program is designed for ambitious young professionals who are looking for guidance, support, and mentorship in order to reach their goals. As part of the program, Alex has shadowed several senior executives at Gillette and has gained invaluable insight into how the company works – something which will undoubtedly aid him in his future career endeavors.

Aside from his role at Gillette Young Guns, Alex also volunteers frequently with local charities and non-profit organizations throughout Houston as well as sits on the board of directors of several youth-focused initiatives across Texas. He also regularly attends meetups related to technology and business development which allow him to stay up-to-date on industry trends while inspiring others along the way.

It is clear that Alex Weaver has achieved great success early on in life thanks in large part due to his hard work ethic combined with his willingness to learn new skill sets. He continues to be an inspiration for all who have encountered him thus far!