Day: June 24, 2024

The Power of Spray Foam InsulationThe Power of Spray Foam Insulation

Imagine a material that seals every crack, gap, and nook in your walls, attic and crawl space and acts as a barrier against energy loss, pest invasions, outdoor noises and moisture. This is the power of spray foam insulation, which can dramatically improve your home’s comfort and efficiency.

When properly installed, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is one of the best insulation materials available. It contains tiny pockets called cells that make it difficult for heat energy or sound to pass through them. Additionally, the foam expands to fill the spaces it’s sprayed in, making it extremely effective at sealing air leaks and blocking gaps that other types of insulation can’t.

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Air leakage is the biggest factor in high heating and cooling costs, and spray foam provides an unstoppable barrier against it. Some homes lose enough air a day to fill two blimps, but spray foam prevents that from happening, cutting energy expenses by up to 30%.

Unlike fiberglass batts or cellulose, spray foam doesn’t lose its R-value over time. This makes it the ideal insulation material for attics, walls and crawl spaces. Meritage uses open-cell spray foam, which bonds to the studs and wall frames rather than just covering them. This keeps the insulation in place even as the house shifts over the years.

Aside from improving your home’s energy efficiency, spray foam in Tulsa County, OK can also save you money on repairs, maintenance and replacements. In fact, many homeowners who invest in spray foam find that the upfront cost of installation pays for itself within a few months thanks to lower energy bills and fewer costly repair needs.

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